Snowboard courses

Boarding, Freestyle, etc. ...


... is lifestyle for our youth and a kind of boundless freedom. In a very short period, whether you are young or old, you are able to learn this established, cool kind of sport.

You will soon pick up the basics with our highly qualified, trendy instructors. As soon as you have found your balance, then sliding and turning exercises will follow and taking the lift becomes just as simple as your first turn on blue pistes.

Building on skills learnt in the beginner course your turns are now strengthened and refined. Falls are seldom and movements become rhythmic and fluid. We attempt the first small jumps.

On this programme different techniques, such as controlled turning, are accomplished. We experiment with centrifugal force and also explore new mountains in the region. Your boarding will already be elegant and stylish. Our goal is more speed and security on red pistes, jumps and a professionally savety knowledge.

Just do it...